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April 9th, 2010

04:36 am - Dark Fandom Rising
We walk a thin line. Dork? Otaku? Geek? We see people who we might of been similar to at one time, but scoff at them and say things like 'Oh my god. Why?' When in reality they just haven't quite matured either as fast as we have, or are just simply a couple years younger. Having the interests we do, we are lumped into a couple huge categories. From the award winning cosplayer who's lumped in with the Narutard all the way to the guy who used to play Pokemon to the person who buys everything with the yellow franchise spewing electric rat Pikachu on it.

Now, we were never the cool kids in school. However, over time, we gained the respect of the few peers that we had obtained. We think that when people associate us with these progenitors of our fandoms that everything that we have obtained over time has been destroyed. So we make sure to create a clear divide between us and them. They wear the cat ears and tails while we wear just a shirt every now and then. They're coffee with lots of cream and sugar, while we're decaff. We are clearly NOT them.

They do seem to have a lot of fun though. Maybe we've been so snooty trying to create a clear division that we've forgotten how fun it is to totally throw ones self into what they love. Don't worry though. People and trends always start to annoy those who used to love something. Eventually they will get just as annoyed as we do, and start to hate as openly. It's a constant cycle, isn't it?

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November 3rd, 2009

01:31 pm
Here are the conventions that I'm really wanting to go to next year. I wont put my foot in my mouth and say I'll deffinately go, but I'd really like to.

Kamikaze Con <- Kaily is coming down, and I'm dressing as Bulma and she as Yamcha

Otakon <- Come on, I've heard good things... maybe I could convince friends to go?

Louisianime <- Umm... no idea why. Kevin's running it, I might get a free pass and ride and hey there could strongly be a pose off there.

Oni-con 6 <- I shouldn't be able to attend this if all things go as planned. If not though, then I'll certainly go.

Cosplays I want to do.

Bulma, Kuwabara, Super Mushroom, Mr. Satan (Maybe) Frank from Dead Rising (Maybe)

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October 29th, 2009

10:50 pm - oni-con
I have a bad feeling about Oni-Con. Things haven't been going too well the week prior.

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October 27th, 2009

01:57 am - Oni-Con room!
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I could REALLY use an additional person or heck persons for my room at Oni-con.

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October 26th, 2009

08:42 am
I had a strange dream about the trip to japan next year. It was mostly about the search for fimiliarity in a foreign land, and once found it was about abandoning any signs of fimiliarity for the foreign in order to properly enjoy myself there and with friends as I experience the new. Or that's my take on it at least. The major encounter was after everything bad had happened, I ended up meeting my brother's friend and him and a few others. Now this is the most familiar thing in the dream. The brother's friend tried to take me away to go drinking with him and hang out and all that and my response to him was something like: "You don't understand. I've gone to a foreign land where no one speaks my language, played a bad $4 game of a fake Space Invaders, been fooled by mean american people into running after their car, and now I'm going to purchase money with holes in it. All of this was in two days, now get the hell away from me and my friends!"

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October 25th, 2009

01:53 am - Oktober Fest.
I went to a haunted house last night, and then to oktober fest tonight. I know that right now is the morning of a new day and what I said is inaccurate. I care not. Anyways... I don't really enjoy other people drinking. People who do not know their comfort zone or don't care about their comfort zone disgust me. A LOT. Seriously! Are you people children? Vomiting in a car is not cool. I'm just... you know... thankful that while I was the designated driver for the first part of the evening It wasn't my car that we took. Heh heh... poor David Scott.

BTW: It's not strange to not want to hit on loud drunken women. We got kicked out of a bar technically.

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October 23rd, 2009

01:28 pm - 10 minute cosplay!

First one to get the "who" I'm supposed to be might win something. might not as well. who knows? Okay. Maybe I'll draw or paint something for them. note, that's a ripped up shirt because since I'm not a chick that binds I didn't exactly have bandages to wrap around my chest. You also can't see my blue pants I'm wearing. those are the only clues.

Hint time! This is from an anime that is not currently on cable television, but was made popular by cable television. Notice the characters hair color isn't my natural hair color but red. This character normally doesn't wear just bandages but he sometimes wears them when he gets hurt. A lot.

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October 16th, 2009

02:09 am - Ramblings: Post Pose.
You know the thing that I miss the most about doing The Pose Off? Was it the popularity? Was it the thrill of entertaining people? Maybe even filling important? No. I think we were all better friends back then. It was only fun when I had people I knew by my side. Sure, I tried to do a few without Geoff, and one with just me and Swiffer... but ultimately... it was having Me, Geoff, and Kevin up there, having fun at our own expense. Heh. People thinking that we were cool didn't hurt. But now... things are so different now. It's hard to not feel alone a lot of times. We all broke up without ever breaking up. Geoff didn't even like doing it, so maybe that's why he went to focusing on cosplay shows. Kevin? He got more and more involved with conventions to the point that he had no time for it. I think ultimately what did it was when I took an entire year off from anime conventions. I have to wonder, did they enjoy the time we had? I know Geoffrey apparently stopped enjoying it long before he stopped doing it. Swiffer? Well Paul always liked it to my knowledge. And then there were the scabs team members. They were awesome. I felt so much more connected to the convention scene back then... and now there is such a disconnect. I dunno. Just something I thought of since Oni-con five is coming around. You know, it was mine and Kevin's first anime convention.

Remember Hoshi?
Remember when Doug hurt himself at A-Kon?
Remember when I split my pants at O-Chibi con?
Remember when Andrew did the Crab walk at.. at.. which convention was that? I have a photo... which convention was it? Oni-con 2? No... O_o gah this is going to bug the crap out of me.

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October 13th, 2009

01:00 am - Monday Monday Monday
I dunno. I've been in weird moods lately. Ups and downs today. *sigh* I wish Oni-Con was here already. Also, I'm starting to think that I shouldn't listen to these songs on my zune: The Beatles - Yesterday , as well as Matthew Sweet - I've been waiting. I'd add The Eagles - Heart of The Matter, but that isn't on my Zune. I bought a tripod today from goodwill for $7.99. Looks funny with my crappy digital camera on it though as well as my Flip. I'll probably get a better camera for when I go to Japan next year.

I just feel sad and tired right now. I want to not feel sad anymore... why can't I stop listening to these songs? I love the songs... I really do. They are my favorites... it's just... they remind me of someone who I need to forget, ya know?
Current Music: The Beatles - Yesterday

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October 12th, 2009

12:34 am - Ashley Ketchum
I think for a convention next year I want to cosplay as Ash from Pokemon. I've been on a bit of a pokemon craze lately and I don't know why. I don't even own the games or watch the show anymore. I want to do him when he had to dress up as a girl to get into a gym battle. I figure, why not go out if you're going to do an embarrassing cosplay. I dunno which con I want to do it at... I just know I'll have to get one of my cosplayer friends to make it for me. Any volunteers?

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